February 03, 2014


Wow! I am such a slacker! It's actually been so long since I've posted that I had to figure out how to post... Well I did figure it out, now time to catch you up a little bit and post some pics of the kids!

Let's start with Nathan....he turned 7 last March and had a FUN Star Wars themed birthday...
He had friends from the neighborhood, church and school come. They played with light sabers, shot some storm troopers and the ate some Cake and ice cream. He loved it! His best friend even stayed the night with us so he could come since he was going to be out of town. How fun!

In March Audrey also decided to give scissors a try and trimmed the hair on a bunch of stuffed animals...and herself. Luckily we have a good friend who cuts hair and I was able to take her over and get it fixed. It turned out so cute!
Before the cut...
After the cut...
Let see, where to next...
In April I took the kids up to Idaho, we visited family and wen to Zoo Boise (no, not family at the zoo), we also did a little crafting.
Taking a rest at the zoo with Grandma Johnson.
Audrey and her cousins!
Hanging out with Alyssa at the Morrison Knudson Nature Center.

Audrey had her birthday in May and turned the big 5! She LOVES Hello Kitty, so that was her birthday party theme!
 She had friends from church over and we did some coloring, pinned the bow on Hello Kitty and decorated some flip flops!
Audrey with Grandma Jan!

Nathan started 2nd grade this year! He was pretty excited! And as you can see from his pictures, he's lost some teeth too!
Audrey started Kindergarten! Yep both kids are now in school!! 
Chris also started school this year. He took some summer and fall courses and is working on his third semester now. It'll be a while before he'll be finished, but he's enjoying it and we are excited for him to learn something new!

Fast forward to Thanksgiving and we had the cousins and Grandma Johnson come to visit us! This was the first Thanksgiving since Chris and I've been married that we've had family come visit. Usually it's just our little family and Aunt Gina, so this was pretty exciting!!

We kept busy visiting Temple Square, Gardner Village and more crafting!
Chillin' with the cousins, temple square.

And of course Christmas was in December, how can we forget that? First we went to Festival of Trees, first time going since Audrey was a baby. We took tracks and had lots of fun checking out all the fun ways to decorate a tree!
 Warming up our hands on the train on the way home.

We went and saw Santa to tell him what we wanted...
This was the closest she would get, she wants a tea set.

Nathan wants a Wii U.
Nathan also played basketball during November and December, keeps getting better and better...
In our Sunday best...
We had a great Christmas day opening presents, eating good food and spending the day together watching movies. Let's do that again!
Santa Nathan.
Audrey was very excited with her gift!

Well, I think that about catches us all up. Whew....that took a while. We have some fun stuff planned for this year and I'm planning on keeping you all updated.
Keep your eyes open for some more updates and new fun stuff too!!

September 01, 2012

Playing catch up - Spring Soccer

Nathan and Audrey both played soccer this spring...well Nathan played soccer (didn't even have to bribe him to this year, he did so good!), Audrey wasn't really into it. Here's some cute pictures I took at the beginning of the season...
This just makes me laugh. I love when they are having fun together! :)
Nathan having fun playing.
Audrey got to where she wouldn't go in unless someone was holding her hand. 
Here's her coach with her (she did love her red socks though!).
For Fall, Nathan is playing soccer again and loving it again. He's having lots of fun and we're happy he's found a sport he really enjoys. Audrey will be taking some dance classes.

August 30, 2012

1st grade!!!

It's official...Nathan's in 1st grade!!

Here's our boy on his first day of school...
 Then he decided he wanted to show off his new backpack, silly kid...
 He so handsome...when he's not being goofy and giving me crazy grins. :)
 Being silly again...

 Love this kid of mine!
 All ready for school to start...
So far he seems to be liking it and he's enjoying being able to play at the fitness center before and after school each day. He's also decided that he likes for mom to make him lunches.